SECURE Remote/Online Backup Service

Computers are the default storage medium for most businesses and virtually all home users. Because portable media is quickly becoming an outdated and expensive method for safeguarding important data it is essential to secure critical business assets and personal information with an easy-to-use, automated, Secure Online Backup service. Our backup, archiving and recovery service is a powerful, yet simple to use solution and comes equipped with encryption backup tools previously available only to Fortune 500 companies. With an interface designed to be used by anyone in any size organization, this proven technology is user-friendly, reliable, ultra-secure and cost-effective.



Unbeatable Security

Ensuring that no one but you can ever access your data is a top priority to us.
Restoration 3X Faster


Retention and Archiving

Rest assured that our Secure Online Backup is a compliance-ready digital archiving solution.


Restoration 3X Faster

Files are available the moment you need them.


Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

For documents that change rapidly and need continuous data protection, Set CDP to automatically update changes every 15 minutes.


Block-Level Backup

Once a file has been saved once, our software backs up only changes, down to the block level.


Flexible Scheduling

Welcome to complete scheduling flexibility. Each backup set can be set to run at any user-defined time, on any user-defined frequency. There are default settings, of course, but every aspect of the schedule is easily configurable to meet your specific needs.


Microsoft Exchange Support

We have developed Exchange Store specifically to manage backup, storage, and restoration of Exchange files, mailboxes, data stores, or any level in between!




Basic Service

$2.25/GB Monthly based on peak usage
Includes Software (Unlimited seats), storage, and 8x5 support

Managed Service

$3.25/GB Monthly based on peak usage
Includes Software (Unlimited seats), storage, 8x5 support, 24/7 monitoring, reporting, and analysis, portal access, and routine backup review

Service Specifications
  • Data Resiliency  
  • Multi-site Data Centers
  • Tier 4 Data Centers
  • Cloud Storage
  • Flexible, on demand scalability
  • Restore anywhere running our agent (Requires encryption key)
Software Specifications

Backup Schedule

Continuous Data Protection
Multiple Schedules

Encryption Algorithm



Add-on Modules

Local Only Backup
Email Archiving

Application OS Platform

Windows Server 2003
Windows Server 2008
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7

Macintosh (Coming Soon!)

Linux (Coming Soon!)

Retention Policy

Customizable Retention Rules

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