Wednesday, July 08, 2020
Efficient Management of incoming calls

Effective and scalable management of incoming calls is critical for most businesses. Rapid and accurate call processing is the first step towards building a new sales or service relationship. VoIP tools efficiently support attendants with web-based line status monitoring and automatic overflow to an IVR  (interactive voice response tree). Businesses can also manage incoming call traffic through a web-based automatic call distribution service that works across a pool of attendant resources.


Building relationships

Most successful sales are built around providing quality services and products, building relationships and returning customers. Being responsive and juggling multiple customers requires communications tools that are rich in functionality but also easy-to-use.

Rich Feature Set

VoIP provides unified messaging capabilities and mobility tools that are easily configured through a web interface. These tools enable a sales person to control incoming calls and messages, even during the month-end crunch or other pressurized scenario. For example, Softphone technology gives your road warriors all the features and functionality of a desktop phone right on their laptop. With find me/follow me capabilities and voice mail to e–mail integration, your employees never have to miss a call again.

You get pop–up notifications of incoming calls in real–time, letting you decide what to do with an incoming call: answer it, route it to voice mail, virtual ring or reply with a recorded message.

Each user can access personal directories to quickly look up phone numbers and other important information, and even place calls with the click of a mouse. VoIP technology allows you to "see" voice mail messages from your computer: who called, the type of message and the length of the message. You can also receive an e–mail notification when a new voice mail arrives and listen to the voice mail from your e–mail inbox.

Free "On Net" Calling

With consolidation, some businesses are increasingly managed as multi-site operations, increasing the available inventory and reducing overhead. Multiple phone systems limit a business's ability to function as an integrated organization.


With VoIP service, you can connect all your offices with 3-6–digit extension dialing and unlimited free "on net" calls to reduce long distance charges between any of your offices, regardless of where they are located.


With VoIP, multi-site operations receive a consistent, integrated service set. 
Powerful call management and routing switchboard applications let you manage how calls are routed within and across all of your organization´s locations, as if everyone was in the same building. These features improve inter-site communications and business performance. By integrating VoIP phones and an IP PBX, we can reduce your maintenance costs and system complexity, while increasing your feature base.




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