Immersive Web and Video Conferencing

Microsoft Office Live Meeting and Microsoft Office Communications Server  together with VoIP technology allow your employees the ability to meet virtually face to face. Your people can stay connected with team members, customers, and partners no matter where in the world each is. VoIP Video conferencing connects people with people real time in spite of distance while saving $ travel expenses without loosing face to face contact and body language so vital to understanding and expressing the whole communication.

Microsoft Live Meeting with Polycom CX5000


Features and Benefits

More Productive Meetings and Fast ROI

Bring group video, voice, and content together through Microsoft Live Meeting 2007, either as a hosted service or through Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007
When used with the Office Communicator 2007 PC client in an Office Communications Server 2007 environment, group video, voice, and instant messaging are brought together into one seamless experience.

Unique and Engaging Meeting Experience

Advanced technology automatically changes the camera view so that the active speaker can always be identified, allowing participants to easily track the flow of conversation. Fully engage all participants by providing a 360° panoramic view of the conference room when used with Microsoft Live Meeting 2007
(Note: Live Meeting 2007 version 8.0.6362.128 or later is required)

In a Live Meeting 2007 session, both video views and the shared content are all seamlessly integrated on one screen

Easy to Deploy and Use


Simple USB plug-and-play operation that require little or no training to use
Easy to deploy—even remote offices or small business with limited IT support can easily set up and configure the device. Record meetings for playback with synchronized voice, video and content, using Live Meeting 2007



Streamlining Communications

Unified Communications brings people together to effectively collaborate regardless of location or access capability.


In addition to disparate communication modalities (like e-mail, voice mail, text messaging, IM, voice calls and calendar scheduling, all aggregated via Unified Messaging [UM]),  UC brings together disparate people, perhaps globally distributed employees, customers, and partners with possibly dissimilar devices (like an MS Office capable PC, a web interface, a smart mobile phone, a regular PSTN telephone).


VoIP video phones like these can extend desktop based unified conferencing to remote workers anywhere.




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